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May 29, 2005- June 30, 2005

TRIP TICK - A Handful of Chicago Artists

Revealed: Truths and Myths #3

Afternoon Walk
The Minnesota Juneteenth Celebration committee sponsors a show of artists from the South Side Community Arts Center. This show will be up, simultaneously, at Juxtaposition Arts Gallery, Obsidian Arts Gallery and Homewood Studios Gallery, with openings and other events coordinated between the three sites.

This should be an interesting and expansive group show which will open up the possibilities of further interaction between the Minneapolis and Chicago arts communities.

The work of Marva Jolly and Joyce Owens, friends, co-teachers in the same college, and wonderful artists will be presented at Homewood Studios.

Opening Reception Friday, June 10th 6p to 9p at Homewood Studios

Community Art Workshop Saturday, June 11th 12 noon to 4p at Juxtaposition Arts Gallery.

Community Art Conversation with Visiting Artists Sunday, June 12th 2p to 4p at Obsidian Arts Gallery.

From Joyce Owens:

I loved exhibiting there back in 2005...Happy to see you are still thriving!