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February 25, 2005- March 16, 2005

concordance - 5th anniversary show

Over the past five years more than forty artists have shown their work at Homewood Studios Gallery. As a way of thanking everyone for gracing the gallery walls with their work, we are inviting each of these artists to offer one piece of work for a group show.

Opening Reception Friday, February 25th from 6 to 9 p.m. Closing Reception and Reading Wednesday, March 16th from 6 to 9 p.m. with reading at 7:30.

I cannot imagine a more distinguished, passionate and inviting show in our gallery. Forty-one artists contributed work. Maarja Roth dropped by on hanging day and assisted in grouping the work, in finding which pieces wanted to get into conversation with each other.

The opening reception was flooded with energy, both from the attending artists (more than half of those in the show) and the many visitors, family and friends. The closing, which included a reading by fourteen writers who had, at one time or another, read in the gallery before, was equally energetic.

Comments in the guest book remark on the wonderful evenness of the work, on the range of pieces and the range of materials. Several neighborhood children visited the show, some spending forty-five minutes or more in conversation with us about one piece after another.

I was reluctant to take the show down, sad this wonderful agglomeration of work had to be disassembled. And I am already anticipating our tenth anniversary...for the show we will be able to mount then.

George Roberts

From Mary Simon-Casati:

I was impressed with how the show was hung. I thought it looked very beautiful; very proud to be a part of the show. Thanks for so much community effort. You and Beverely are terrific!!
Mary Simon-Casati

From John Kantar:

This anniversary show is a wonderful representation of the depth, breadth, and diversity that Homewood Studios fosters. Congratulations and thank you to George and Bev for making their dream such a creative and healthy reality.

John Kantar

From Jennifer Sellars:

I was honored to show my work along with such a talented and diverse group of artists. During the opening I was able to talk to the other artists about their work and get feedback from people in the community. I had a genuine feeling that everyone there really cared about art, and valued the gallery that George and Bev have created.

Congratulations on five years, may there be many more!

Jennifer Sellars