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November 14, 2003

Reading: Alexandra Stein - Inside Out

Alexandra Stein reads from her book INSIDE OUT: A memoir of entering and breaking out of a Minneapolis political cult. Much of this riveting story unfolded in North Minneapolis. Questions and discussion will follow.   Doris Lessing said of INSIDE OUT:  "If you want to know how sensible and educated people can be hooked into a cult run by a psychopath, this honest and intelligent book will tell you."   For more information see: www.alexandrastein.com.

As so often happens at Homewood Studios, the right people showed up for this event. Eschewing the formal podium-audience arrangement, Alex invited everyone present to sit in a circle, to listen to her read passages from Inside Out, and to offer their own ideas and experiences about the issue of cults and extreme political movements.

The ensuing conversation included neighbors, University of Minnesota students, Homewood Studios regulars and first-time visitors who were attracted to the event because of their own history with political events in the seventies in Minneapolis. The evening danced back and forth between Alex reading and everyone else contributing to a spirited and wide-ranging discussion. Thanks to Alex from provoking our thinking with such an interesting book.