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October 23, 2003

ELFRIEDE'S CAT - Publication Reading

The Northside community celebrates the publication of ELFRIEDE'S CAT Notes of a High School English Teacher by George Roberts.

How is a prose poem (an "impossible" creature) like a successful classroom (another oxymoronic notion)? Join this poetry reading / discussion about learning and education to find out.

Gathering and refreshments begins at 6 p.m. Reading at 7 o'clock.

Free and open. Everyone welcome.

Imagine an audience come to listen to you read your poetry. Imagine this audience comprised of individuals you once taught who are now successfully pursuing their passions in the world, teachers you worked with, a group of facilitators you have helped train to work in classrooms, neighbors, community leaders, and peers from the arts community.

This is the assemblage of folk who graciously showed up to a reading from Elfriede’s Cat and who created such a warm and receptive atmosphere the poems seemed to read themselves. Something about offering the reading in our neighborhood, to those have been around us all these years, made it poignant and special.

At the end of the reading, Yanci Peaceful Jamison, age four, who sat, coloring, next to her grandpa, Bill Cottman, all during the reading, said, “That was good, George.” And it was...all around.