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September 4, 2003- September 12, 2003

GREAT WU GALLERY - The Work of Idowu Reuben

Former North Community High School student, Idowu Reuben, presents seventeen color drawings from here nascent work as a visual artist. "The only description I have used to speak of my work," writes Idowu, "is as an abstract conceptualization of African cosmogony, spirituality, and identity. I guess you could also say that I am using my show at Homewood Studios to kind of see how others relate to the artistic components of putting the unspeakable, or somewhat indescribable, into a visual form."

Please plan to visit Idowu's show, and to leave a comment in the guest book about your response to her work. We are all nurturing a young artist here, and in these times, we need to support all the life-affirming people we can find.

Opening Reception Friday, September 5th from 6 to 9 p.m.

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