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October 1, 2003- October 13, 2003

Northside Schools Faculty Art Show

Four the fourth year, Homewood Studios invites teachers and staff from our local schools to exhibit their art.

Opening Reception Friday, October 3rd from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. Everyone invited - community folk, students, parents, children.

For information or with questions, please call 612 597-0230.

One of the memorable images of this event, which took place on during the opening celebration, was to witness the three mosaic artists in the show...none of whom knew each other before this moment...find each other and begin talking shop. This sort of connection happened all afternoon and evening with teacher/artists discovering others struggling with the same issues of finding time for art in a life already full with teaching and family.

The other part of the event which was a joy to witness was the number of teachers who, in an art show for the first time, began to sense themselves as Artists. The look coming into their eyes as visitors viewed and remarked on their work, the pleasure of being asked to talk about their work, the sense of pride and of the worth of their effort dawning on them in a new way.