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March 28, 2003- April 9, 2003

A New Generation Responds

Students from North Community High School, Patrick Henry High School and Bethune Elementary School, all in North Minneapolis, have been working with visual and spoken word artists to craft responses to the work in the current Weisman Museum show, "In the Spirit of Martin."

Their work, including masks and book pages as well as spoken word presentations, will be on view at Homeood Studios as a celebration of the notion of responding. One hundred fifteen artists are in the Weisman show, each responding to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life and work. Our students are further exploring that notion of responding in their own art work.

Our Grand Reception will take place from noon to 8 o'clock on Friday, April 4th. Spoken word performances by the students will take place throughout the day.

"A New Generation Responds" became one of the most heavily attended shows at Homewood Studios. In addition, the work elicited longer and more thoughtful comments in the guest book than any recent show. Here follow a few of excerpts from the guest book:

I just would like to say that all of you are very hard and good workers. I never seen so much work from people my age. (Anonymous)

I read and saw...and have a big stone in my heart and in my throat. Your writing and your beautiful art are a gift. I am aware at both how far we have come and how far we must still go. I want to do a piece too - for myself, for all of us. (Bev)

I love the idea of children of all ages being able to express themselves through art. It really amazes me, the way everyone put the words and their thoughts together. (Tony)

This exhibit reminds me why everyone needs, deserves, freedom. (Jay)

I am one of the artists in the show. It was hard, but at the end I felt really proud of my work. And I hope one day someone will give you the courage to write or to make something very special. (Marissa)

Congratulations! You have done very good work. They inspired me a great deal. I am a teacher in Jamaica, and I will tell my students about your powerful work. (Nadine)

This show was an investigation into the possibilities of a major art institution , public schools, and a community gallerymight work in partnership to offer students and their families and neighbors the possibility of experiencing art in their own community.