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February 12, 2003

Read-in • Speak-in • Write-in Against the War

You may have heard about the brouhaha around Laura Bush's invitation to several poets to attend a conference at the White House on Wednesday, February 12. One of the invited poets, Sam Hammil, used the invitation as an opportunity to rejuvenate the Poets Against the War from the sixties.

He asked poets all over the world to send anti war poetry or statements to an e-mail address. He planned to take the poems to Ms. Bush. When she got wind of this plan Ms. Bush "indefinitely postponed" the poetry conference saying she feared "some people want to politicize this literary event."

You can go to http://poetsagainstthewar.org/ to learn about the responses of more than five thousand poets and writers.

You are invited to drop by Homewood Studios between noon and nine o'clock on Wednesday, February 12th, to speak about, read about or write about your thoughts and feelings concerning our government's policies and the imminent war with Iraq.

Please feel free to forward this invitation to anyone you think would like to be included.