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January 25, 2003

New All Peoples' Coffee House - Open Reading

Inviting poets, prose writers, spoken word artists, musicians and singers to the 2003 cycle of quarterly readings at Homewood Studios, the New All Peoples' Coffee House.

Individuals and small groups have the opportunity to perform before an intimate and responsive audience.

The evening begins at 7 o'clock and goes until everyone has had an opportunity to perform, to read, to sing, to play...

No admission fee, although a donation is requested. For information, call Rich Bergeron at 612 588-8093 or e-mail him at rbjbergeron@qwest.net

Fifteen persons attended, ten performed, including an acoustic guitar player/composer and a Laotian singer.

As usual, the unplanned style of the evening lead to an unusual, intimate and interesting set of connections between and among those gathered in the candle light of the coffee house atmosphere.