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November 9, 2002- November 10, 2002

Printmaking Workshop

This Printmaking Workshop, with Judy Stone Nunneley, is the pilot class in what we hope will become a regular schedule of art classes and workshops for adults at Homewood Studios.

Please see the "Classes" page for details.

From Leann E. Johnson:

Hi, George!

I wanted to get back to you on the printmaking class I took with Judy Stone Nunnely on November 9-10.

What a great space! I won't be redundant and encourage you to have more classes; it looks like they're taking off already. (I saw the calendar, and the December class is already filled, with another class scheduled in February. Congratulations.)

I'm glad I took the class. (I hadn't realized how much I'd forgotten from Split Rock.) Plus, I learned a few new things on top of the "refresher course", so I was satisfied. I would encourage scheduling a two-hour session on Friday night, just to go over technique and materials (for those new to the process), and to get mentally focussed for Saturday and Sunday at the press.

Judy mentioned that you were thinking of finishing the basement to be used for classes. I certainly hope that's the case. While going to the work sink in the back of Homewood, I briefly thought that I wouldn't want to either drop or spill anything on the way there. Plus, by having
class space in the basement, the gallery would be open for additional events (and classes could start earlier on Saturdays, and wouldn't conflict with the Tai Chi class).

From Clara Ueland:

I thoroughly enjoyed the printmaking workshop with Judy Stone Nunneley. The workspace was filled with light and the ambience was peaceful and positive. Judy has a wonderful enthusiasm and feel for the materials that is contagious. Homewood Studios is a treasure.