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Monday, August 7 - Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Homewood Studios resident artist, Mieko Yamazaki, offers her first solo show in our gallery. Mieko is known for her brilliant use of color, for the depth and vastness of her paintings, and for her unflagging attention to composition.

Some of the work for this show is just now being made. We are all anxious to see what emerges from her daily work in her studio.

Opening Reception Friday August 11th from 5:30 to 8:30pm

Gallery Talk Saturday August 19th 2 to 3pm

Making Abstract Images Friday August 25th from 3pm to 4pm

Note: Special Gallery Hours for this show only: Wednesday & Friday 1pm to 6pm, Saturday 1pm to 4pm and by appointment.

Saturday, September 9 - Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Master of marbled paper, Steve Pittelkow, after a couple of summers in residence at Homewood Studios, offers a gallery show of his best work.

Details - opening reception, artist's talk, community workshop, &c. - anon

Sunday, October 1 - Tuesday, October 31, 2017


As a response to issues of social and racial injustice in our local and broader communities, we turn toward hope and change through art making.

Cristina Benz*, Angie Renee and artists from Million Artist Movement have hosted a series of workshops in which community members have come together through writing and ceramic work. The written and ceramic pieces, as well as conversation and insights flowing from these workshops will become the content of our October gallery show.

(*Note: You may recall Cristina's installation in our spring 2015 show, No Teacher Left Behind.)

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 7th from 2pm to 5pm

Community Values Conversation - Compassion date to be announced

Poetry & Prose Reading NorthSide Writers Group Fall Reading w/Healing HeARTs participant guest readers - probably Saturday, October 28th.

Wednesday, November 1 - Wednesday, November 29, 2017

6th Annual Homewood Studios Resident Artists Show

No theme has been selected, we are just in the process for beginning this year's work - but we have selected the dates.

Much more information coming soon...

Friday, December 1 - Wednesday, December 13, 2017

JOHN KANTAR: Pots, Cairns, and other Markers

Our good friend, the wonderful potter John Kantar, has scheduled another show, his fourth we believe, in our gallery. In the early planning for this show John writes:

I have always tried to share the idea that handmade pots can serve as a conduit for communication between the maker and the user. When the potter handles that magical material, clay, in a personal way, and then after the pottery is transformed and made permanent in extreme heat it carries the the touch of the potter directly to the touch of the user. The form, surface color and texture, the weight and balance, and the overall feel makes the material itself an equal partner in this anonymous communication. This can reinforce our connection to the the world around us in simple and quiet ways.

Pots have served as one of the markers in my life. In thinking about markers that I continue to try to understand I began writing down a few ideas that I likened to cairns, markers on my way that continue to challenge and teach me.

I hope the pots in this show will be well used, and that the drawings and words will also be useful in people's lives.

More insight and info anon.

Sunday, July 8 - Saturday, July 21, 2018


Longtime friend of Homewood Studios, David Ekdahl, well-known and well-loved for his unique found wood carvings and assemblages, offers another show of his work in our gallery.

Details concerning show events anon...

Wednesday, October 3 - Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Nancy Bundy is a photographer who has been a regular fan of Homewood Studios exhibits for quite some time. Now she is going to have her own show in our gallery.

The photography exhibition, Range of Color, focuses on the Iron Range in Minnesota. It includes architectural remnants and artifacts from former mines as well as their surrounding landscapes. This series of images explores the feeling of collision between past and present on the Range: a tension between the way it was during the mining era and the way it exists today. Surrounded with history, the colorful images portray the visual beauty left behind.

About her connection to the Iron Range, Nancy writes: I am intrigued with a “sense of place” – recently with the iron range where I lived and currently own a small cabin. The mixtures of colors found on the iron range draw me towards this landscape for the aesthetic and symbolic references.

Opening Reception – Thursday, October 4th from 6pm to 9pm

Gallery Talk – Tuesday, October 16 beginning at 7pm