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Thursday, April 9 - Saturday, May 2, 2015

GeeEm: ARTerial Direction

It is with great pride and pleasure we announce this show. GeeEm is a child of our neighborhood, we have known him since he was a baby. Now he has a child of his own.

GeeEm is a proud graduate of North Community High School. He is an original member of the Walker Arts Center Teen Arts Counsel (WAC TAC), a program designed to get teenagers more involved in the arts in the Twin Cities.

GeeEm holds degrees in music and in film, pursuing music for over fifteen years under the pseudonym General Monk, (hence the name GeeEm). He released his debut album Shaping the Invisible in 2004 and plans to release another album in 2015. Even though his passion for music has never faded, he has chosen to pursue a professional career in another life-long passion, film. A recent film school graduate, he has already taken steps towards his film career. He has worked on a few productions, all the while developing his own projects. In 2014, GeeEm was able to raise funding, through Kickstarter, to produce his independent short film The Under Ground. He plans to produce his second short film but must come up with a new way to raise funds.

ARTerial Direction ~ featuring drawings of Martin Scorsese, Terry Gilliam, Dustin Hoffman and Angelina Jolie ~ is GeeEm's first solo exhibition. The subjects in the show are people in the film industry he highly respects. Most of the profit from the show will go directly to financing his next short film.

Opening Reception - Thursday, April 9th from 6pm to 9pm. Gallery Talk - Tuesday, April 14th beginning at 7pm

Friday, May 15 - Saturday, June 6, 2015

JACK MADER: One Anything

Homewood Studios resident artist, Jack Mader, offers a body of work consisting of objects and still lifes done in Studio D, often with several views of the same thing.

Known for his work in series - Water, Dreamworks, &c., this new series should have all the hallmarks of Mader's special way of looking at the world around him - a strikingly subtle use of color, surprising angles of vision, exotic composition.

Additionally, Mader writes, "The opening will be Friday May 15, my 62nd birthday and the last day of teaching as I am officially retired that day. [...or maybe not...] Anyway, time to celebrate."

Opening Reception Friday, May 15 from 5pm to 9pm

Gallery Talk Tuesday, May 26th beginning at 7pm

Friday, June 12 - Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Our longtime friend, writer and artist Jill Breckenridge, returns to the Homewood Studios gallery with another of her themed drawing shows, this time featuring moths.

More information, including opening reception and gallery talk dates, anon.

Friday, July 10 - Wednesday, July 29, 2015

RE: Action ~~ Gathering Momentum (group show)

RE: Action ~~ Gathering Momentum is an opportunity to present our work one year after our debut as a group in Living in the Layers. Since that show felt like a very personal and intense exhibition which culminated in witnessing our growth as a group, we decided to continue and celebrate a certain relief that comes with acknowledging we are already on the right path.

RE: Action ~~ Gathering Momentum is a group exhibition featuring artists who create works through painting, photography, watercolor, mixed media, sculpture, ceramics, and drawing.

Opening Reception - Friday, July 10th from 6pm to 9pm

Details about other events connected with this show anon.

Wednesday, August 5 - Monday, August 17, 2015


Debra Goldstein has been taking photographs of the Minnesota State Fair for several years. This is her first solo show exhibiting this collection.

About this show, she writes: Welcome to this taste of BeyondtheStick.com, my annual scavenger hunt for the ironic and iconic; the peculiar and the poignant; the colorful and the oh-so-human moments at our Great Minnesota State Fair.

Long before I became a photographer, I found myself drawn to - and energized by - our big, communal events, where we meet, merge, collide, and create a tapestry rich in human connection. It became my desire to focus and frame these moments, and then to share them, thereby creating yet another level of connection. I do believe the shortest distance between two people is a shared moment.

By capturing “life, as it happens,” I hope to enrich lives, as mine has been made full, with an expanded awareness of the moment, so that we experience in-sight, and the grace and grounding of full-focused living.

Details about opening reception, gallery talks, &c, anon.

Tuesday, September 1 - Saturday, September 26, 2015

SAORI: Weaving

Following a very successful show in October 2014, the woman weavers from TSE, Inc. return for an even larger and more compelling exhibition of colorful and unpredictable textiles done under the watchful and generous eye of master weaver/teacher Chiaki O'Brien.

Work from the 2014 show sold out, which suggests the level of excitement these weavers create with their art. Expect this new show to be even more entrancing.

Events will include opening receptions and a community weaving workshop. Details anon.

Thursday, October 1 - Saturday, October 31, 2015


Jil Evans

Lynda Monick-Isenberg, Minneapolis College of Art & Design instructor and artist, and her former student, Shannon Brunette, also a teacher/artist, have launched a collaboration designed to form The Drawing Project, the realization of a vision both have nurtured for quite some time.

To assist in bringing this project to the awareness of the public, Homewood Studios gallery has invited Lynda and Shannon to curate a show of drawings, purely drawings, which celebrate and make obvious the importance of this often-overlooked genre in the art landscape.

About this (possibly ground-breaking) show, Lynda and Shannon write:

Val Jenkins

The Drawing Project’s Homewood Studios exhibition will present the work by master artists that embodies drawing as a mode of expression, an act of inquiry, or a lens into the unconscious - promoting a deeper respect for looking and thinking in everyday life. The exhibition is curated by The Drawing Project co-founders, Shannon Brunette and Lynda Monick-Isenberg, and will be accompanied by community programming addressing drawing as a human expressive activity.

The exploration and study of drawing is a fundamental practice, which informs and inspires across disciplines, professions and experience. The Drawing Project aims to collaborate, encourage and engage diverse local and global perspectives on contemporary drawing through projects like the Homewood Studios exhibition.

The Drawing Project would like to thank Homewood Studios for the opportunity to create and mount this exhibition along side complementary programming. Look for more details this spring!

Details concerning the above-mentioned complementary programming, opening reception and gallery talks anon.

Tuesday, November 3 - Saturday, November 28, 2015

HELLO! - Homewood Studios Resident Artists Annual Show

Brook Kepros • Julie Landsman • Lynda Maylish • Bill Jeter • Jack Mader • Kris Treuting • Mieko Yamazaki • George Roberts

Once again, (this year a month or two later than usual), the Homewood Studios resident artists are ready to offer the fruits of the past year's labors.

Painting & drawing, photography, carved and embellished gourds, two and three-dimensional work, sculpture, letterpress and woodblock printing, altered books and more are all possibilities for this show.

More details as we get our act together.

Tuesday, December 1 - Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Gini Ewers has been designing and making quilts for enough years that it has become her abiding passion. Most of these colorful (and sometimes dazzling) quilts are in the hands of others, but a selection of them will be collected and hung at Homewood Studios gallery.

Ewers, almost giddy at the thought of her first solo show, says about quilt making, "There are so many ways to look at a quilt, so many ways to design it, so many choices beyond color and pattern."

Details concerning opening reception, gallery talk, and community workshop anon.